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Students who commenced study in 2015 should refer to this course entry for direction on the requirements; to check which units are currently available for enrolment, refer to the unit indexes in the the current edition of the Handbook. If you have any queries contact the managing faculty for your course.

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This course entry applies to students commencing this course in 2015 and should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Course code3433
Managing facultyMedicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Abbreviated titleMMedUS
Total credit points required72
Standard duration of study (years)3 years PT

Part-time study only. This course must be completed in a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. The course duration is inclusive of any periods of intermission.

Study mode and locationOff-campus (Clayton)
Admission, fee and application details
Contact details

School of Biomedical Sciences: telephone +61 3 9902 9400 or +61 3 9905 8196; email or visit

Course coordinator

Mr Paul Lombardo


  • This course is not available to international students who are holders of an Australian student visa, for study onshore in Australia. However holders of some other categories of Australian visas living in Australia, and students studying off-campus by distance learning (where this option is available) and living outside of Australia, may be eligible for this course.
  • Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.


This course enables development of advanced practice and research skills. The course resources are provided mainly on-line. The material is structured to guide the student through the material on a weekly schedule with exercises that ensure the course retains a clinical focus.


These course outcomes are aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework level 9, the Bologna Cycle 2 and Monash Graduate AttributesAustralian Qualifications Framework level 9, the Bologna Cycle 2 and Monash Graduate Attributes (

Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that graduates will be able to:

  • demonstrate a mastery of ultrasound knowledge and be able to reflect critically on ultrasound theory, practice and scholarship
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the scientific concepts and principles underpinning ultrasound practice including optimisation of equipment, quality assurance and biological consequences
  • investigate, analyse, synthesise and reflect on complex information, problems, concepts and theories and to apply this knowledge and understanding to ultrasound practice
  • assume the role of a qualified/accredited medical sonographer, capable of independent and collaborative clinical decision making to perform the appropriate ultrasound procedures to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury
  • demonstrate and apply a knowledge of research principles, evidence based, reflective and ethical ultrasound practice, as well as lifelong learning skills
  • communicate their knowledge, findings and rationale underpinning these to the professional and lay community clearly, ethically and unambiguously.


Assessment includes written assignments, theory and image recognition exams, clinical skills examinations, research reports and presentations.

Clinical placement requirement

Students will not be permitted to progress beyond the first two units of the course (SON4000 and SON4010) unless they are engaged in clinical ultrasound for a minimum of three days per week. This is required for students to develop appropriate practical skills.

Monash University cannot assist students in gaining clinical placements.

Professional recognition

This course is accredited by the Australian Sonographers Accreditation Registry.


This course consists of 10 units.


Year one

Semester one

  • SON4000 Physics of medical ultrasound and instrumentation
  • SON4010 Embryology, anatomy and pathophysiology

Semester two

  • SON4020 Sonographic professional skills and sonography of the breast and thyroid
  • SON4021 Sonographic abdominal imaging

Year two

Semester one

  • SON4022 Sonographic imaging of the reproductive system
  • SON4023 Obstetric sonography

Semester two

  • SON4024 Musculoskeletal, neonatal and paediatric sonography
  • SON4025 Sonographic vascular and postoperative imaging

Year three

Semester one

  • SRH5003 Designing and conducting health research

Semester two

Areas of study

Alternative exit(s)

Students wishing to exit this course may apply to graduate with one of the following, provided they have satisfied the requirements for that award:

  • Graduate Certificate in Medical Ultrasound
  • 3402 Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound.

The graduate certificate introduces the student to the introductory concepts of ultrasound and then enables a focus in a particular branch of clinical ultrasound. A graduate diploma is required to obtain accreditation with the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR) which will enable the successful graduate to practice as a qualified sonographer.


Master of Medical Ultrasound