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Students who commenced study in 2015 should refer to this area of study entry for direction on the requirements; to check which units are currently available for enrolment, refer to the unit indexes in the the current edition of the Handbook. If you have any queries contact the managing faculty for your area of study.

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Managing facultyFaculty of Law
Campus(es)City (Melbourne)


  • Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.


The faculty endeavours to offer a broad range of postgraduate law units each year across many areas of specialisations and practice areas. The units listed have been approved for the postgraduate law programs.

The faculty reserves the right not to offer in a particular year any of the published units if it appears there are insufficient enrolments or if there are other over-riding considerations. Enrolment quotas may have to be imposed in respect of the listed units.

Information is available on the current postgraduate timetable for postgraduate courses and Juris Doctorpostgraduate courses and Juris Doctor (



This list includes the elective component of L6005 Master of Laws (Juris Doctor).

  • LAW5080 Australian legal system*
  • LAW5081 Australian legal process and research**
  • LAW5082 Masters research
  • LAW5083 Minor thesis (6 points)
  • LAW5084 Minor thesis (12 points)
  • LAW5301 Copyright
  • LAW5302 European Union law and policy
  • LAW5304 Overview of international human rights law
  • LAW5305 International trade law
  • LAW5306 Corporate insolvency
  • LAW5307 Occupational health and safety
  • LAW5310 Sentencing
  • LAW5311 Takeovers
  • LAW5312 Competition law
  • LAW5315 Commercial alternative dispute resolution
  • LAW5316 Trade marks and commercial designations
  • LAW5319 Law of employee relations
  • LAW5321 Protecting commercial innovation: Patents and trade secrets
  • LAW5334 Psychiatry, psychology and law
  • LAW5338 International humanitarian law
  • LAW5340 Intellectual property
  • LAW5341 Trade mark practice
  • LAW5343 Privacy and surveillance: Law, policy and governance
  • LAW5344 Negotiation: Essential skills for dispute resolution
  • LAW5346 Design law and practice
  • LAW5347 Consumer protection: Regulation and compliance
  • LAW5349 Corporate law
  • LAW5350 Principles of taxation
  • LAW5352 Electronic workplace law
  • LAW5353 Cybercrime
  • LAW5354 International criminal justice
  • LAW5355 Advocacy: Theory and practice
  • LAW5357 Corporate governance and directors' duties
  • LAW5358 Current issues in workplace law
  • LAW5359 International human rights law and women
  • LAW5361 Foundations of regulation: Policy, principles and practice
  • LAW5362 Regulatory methods
  • LAW5363 Regulatory performance: Evaluating what works
  • LAW5364 Economic social and cultural rights and international law
  • LAW5365 Terrorism and human rights
  • LAW5366 International banking and finance: Law and practice
  • LAW5367 Energy law, regulation and policy
  • LAW5369 World Trade Organization (WTO) law
  • LAW5370 Discrimination law and human rights at work
  • LAW5373 Comparative bills of rights
  • LAW5374 Forward with fairness: New labour law
  • LAW5375 Arbitration of international commercial disputes
  • LAW5380 International human rights law and development
  • LAW5382 Principles of environmental law
  • LAW5383 International refugee law and human rights
  • LAW5384 International investment law
  • LAW5385 Corporate finance law
  • LAW5388 Patenting for commercialisation
  • LAW5392 Globalisation and international economic law
  • LAW5393 Law of workforce management
  • LAW5394 Banking law
  • LAW5404 Genocide in international law
  • LAW5407 Current issues in torts law
  • LAW5409 Principles of family law
  • LAW5410 Collaborative practice
  • LAW5411 Advanced mediation: Skills and theory A
  • LAW5412 Advanced mediation: Skills and theory B
  • LAW5418 Transitional justice
  • LAW5421 Managing high conflict personalities
  • LAW5422 Victorian charter of rights and responsibilities
  • LAW5427 Freedom of speech - law theory and policy
  • LAW5428 Health law
  • LAW5429 Advanced commercial negotiation skills
  • LAW5430 Advanced evidence and proof in litigation
  • LAW5431 International entertainment law
  • LAW5432 Workplace investigations and misconduct
  • LAW5439 Sexual and gender minorities and human rights
  • LAW5440 Advanced commercial mediation and negotiation advocacy C
  • LAW5442 Racial, ethnic and linguistic minorities and human rights
  • LAW5443 Language, communication and legal process
  • LAW5447 Intellectual property and the internet
  • LAW5448 Copyright x: Monash
  • LAW5449 Advanced administrative law

JD units

These units are for those enrolled in the JD or fulfilling Council of Legal Education (CoLE) requirements.

  • LAW5000 Australian legal reasoning and methods
  • LAW5001 Principles of criminal law and procedure
  • LAW5002 Principles of contract law A
  • LAW5003 Principles of torts
  • LAW5004 Principles of government, interpretation and entities
  • LAW5005 Principles of contract law B
  • LAW5006 Principles of property law
  • LAW5007 Principles of constitutional law
  • LAW5008 Principles of equity
  • LAW5009 Advanced property law
  • LAW5010 Principles of trusts
  • LAW5012 Principles of evidence
  • LAW5013 Principles of litigation and dispute resolution
  • LAW5014 Principles of administrative law
  • LAW5015 Ethics in legal practice
  • LAW5016 Principles of corporations law***
  • LAW5017 Advanced corporations law***
  • LAW5050 Professional practice (JD)
  • LAW5053 Law review editorship 1
  • LAW5054 Law review editorship 2
  • LAW5055 Vis arbitration moot

* Non-law graduates only.

** International students only.

*** Pre-2015 commencement students only.

Units to be offered in Prato and Malaysia can be viewed on the Monash Law International Study Programs - Prato and MalaysiaMonash Law International Study Programs - Prato and Malaysia ( webpage.

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Relevant courses

  • L5001 Graduate Diploma in Law
  • L6001 Master of Commercial Law
  • L6002 Master of Human Rights Law
  • L6003 Master of Intellectual Property Law
  • L6004 Master of Laws
  • L6005 Master of Laws (Juris Doctor)
  • L6006 Master of Regulatory Studies
  • L6007 Master of Workplace and Employment Law