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Students who commenced study in 2013 should refer to this area of study entry for direction on the requirments; to check which units are currently available for enrolment, refer to the unit indexes in the the current edition of the Handbook. If you have any queries contact the managing faculty for your area of study.

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Managing facultyFaculty of Arts
Offered bySchool of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies


  • Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.


Students are required to complete 48 points of study comprising a thesis, a seminar unit and a coursework unit.

The coursework units and the thesis topic are chosen in consultation with the classical studies honours coordinator.



Students complete one of the following options:

  • ATS4003 SOPHIS honours thesis (24 points)
  • ATS4004 SOPHIS honours thesis part A (12 points) and ATS4005 SOPHIS honours thesis part B (12 points)

Coursework units

Students complete:

  • ATS4653 Research seminar: Ritual and drama, the politics of antiquity (12 points)

plus an additional 12 points from the following units:

  • ATS4257 Reading the ancient past (12 points)
  • ATS4345 Research methods in classical antiquity (12 points)

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Relevant courses

  • 0003 Honours degree of Bachelor of Arts
  • 0082 Honours degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws