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Monash University
Other codes

Units indexed by Code: O

  • OCC1011 Professional issues
  • OCC1012 Occupational science
  • OCC1022 Foundations of occupational therapy practice
  • OCC2011 Occupational performance, capabilities and components
  • OCC2020 Enabling occupation: Performance challenges 1A
  • OCC2022 Skills for evidence-based practice 1
  • OCC3030 Enabling occupation: Performance challenges 1B
  • OCC3041 Skills for evidence-based practice 2
  • OCC3052 Enabling Occupation II: Performance challenges In population health
  • OCC3062 Participation community practice I: Development
  • OCC3072 Occupational therapy honours project 1
  • OCC4071 Participatory community practice 2: Implementation
  • OCC4081 Transition to practice 1
  • OCC4082 Advanced professional practice
  • OCC4091 Occupational therapy honours project 2
  • OCC4092 Transition to practice 2
  • OCC4111 Introduction to Hand Therapy theory, principles, and practice
  • OCC4121 Adaptive and Assistive Technology
  • OCC4131 Assessment of children: Methods, policy, ethics and issues
  • OCC5111 Advanced hand therapy theory, principles, and practice
  • OCC5121 Advanced Adaptive and Assistive Technology
  • OCC5131 Advanced Assessment of children: Methods, policy, ethics and issues
  • OCC5141 Occupational therapy for young children with a disability and their families
  • OCC5142 Occupational therapy for school aged children with disabilities
  • OCC5151 Advanced orthotics (theory, principles, evidence and practice)
  • OCC5161 Human occupation and health
  • OCC5172 Hand conditions - prevalence, causes and medical, surgical and therapeutic interventions
  • OHS1000 Introduction to art and design health and safety