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Monash University Handbook 2011 Undergraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Managing facultyMedicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Abbreviated titleBPT(Hons)
CRICOS code064804A
Total credit points required216
Standard duration of study (years)4 years FT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Peninsula)
Admission, fee and application details
Contact details

Telephone: +61 3 9904 4466, email: or visit

Course coordinator

Professor Jenny Keating


  • Full-time study only. To complete the degree requirements within four years it is necessary for students to overload in years two, three and four (or part-time equivalent).
  • The clinical component of this course requires students to travel to a variety of health services and agencies, including a rural placement. Students are required to be flexible, as hours of work and attendance days may vary.


The Honours Degree of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy provides a recognised research course for undergraduate students. It provides students with the opportunity to develop research skills beyond the extensive research component already existing within course 3868 Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Students undertaking the honours degree program will be well placed with regard to applying for scholarships to pursue higher degrees by research, obtaining formal post graduate research opportunities and applying complex research skills in clinical practice.


In addition to the course objectives for course 3868 Bachelor of Physiotherapy, on completion of the honours degree graduates will be able to:

  • sustain collaboration with an academic supervisor
  • develop a focused research question
  • complete a sophisticated and comprehensive search for relevant information
  • construct a systematic review using the principles argued by the Cochrane Collaboration
  • extract relevant data from studies included in a review using systematic methods
  • apply knowledge of appropriate research design in the development of a high quality research proposal
  • demonstrate an understanding of the principles of ethical research through the development and submission of an ethics application to conduct research
  • determine and apply data analysis methods appropriate for a research question
  • implement a focused research project
  • demonstrate the ability to collect, manage and analyse data collected during the conduct of research
  • demonstrate the ability to accurately document research findings and develop defensible conclusions
  • demonstrate the ability to present research findings and respond in an educated way to enquiries about the research findings
  • utilise feedback appropriately
  • write a scholarly account of a research project in a 10,000-12,000 word thesis
  • demonstrate the ability to adhere to project timelines
  • archive relevant documents arising from the conduct of research
  • write a final report to the approving ethics committee describing project completion.

Entry requirements

Eligible students undertaking the Bachelor of Physiotherapy may be offered a place in the Honours Degree of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the end of first year.

Special requirements

Police checks and Working with Children checks

Organisations that host clinical and community placements require students to have current Police police and Working with Children checks regarding their suitability to undertake such placements. All enrolled and prospective students are advised that they will be required to obtain Police these checks prior to undertaking their course. Working with Children checks are valid for five years and are available free. Police checks must be applied and paid for annually, however, in some community partnered programs there may be a requirement to have a police check renewed every six months.

Health requirements

Students will be required to comply with the faculty Immunisation and Infection Risk Policy, and current recommendations and procedures, to enable them to proceed through the course with an acceptably low level of risk.

Prospective and enrolling students will be provided with detailed written information and, as appropriate, counselling about the effects that HIV or hepatitis B infection may have on the ability of health care workers to practice their profession.


It is recommended that all students accept responsibility for having up-to-date immunisations before commencing the course. Recommended immunisations include diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B.

First aid

In addition to the units outlined below, students will complete their 'Apply First Aid' certificate as part of their studies.


Clinical practice units

This course requires students to undertake off-campus clinical placements. In the clinical setting students will have an opportunity to apply theory to practice under supervision. Attendance is mandatory for the clinical component.

Clinical expenses

Students are responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses during clinical placement. Uniforms and accessories are required for clinical placements and students will be notified regarding purchase arrangements upon commencement.

Professional recognition

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are eligible to apply for registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.


The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (with Honours) is an alternative and parallel pathway to the Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Honours students undertake all units within the Bachelor of Physiotherapy plus three additional units


First year

First semester

Second semester

Second year

First semester

Second semester

Full year

  • PTY2000 Honours systematic review*

Third year

First semester

Second semester

Full year

  • PTY3000 Honours research proposal*

Fourth year

First semester

Second semester

Semester One or Two

  • PTY4070 Physiotherapy 7 - clinical
  • PTY4080 Physiotherapy 8 - clinical

Full year

* Full year unit

Alternative exit(s)

Students may exit this course with a Bachelor of Human Sciences after successfully completing at least 144 points of study.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (with Honours)