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Monash University

Master of Human Resource Management

Course code: 2099 ~ Course abbreviation: MHRM ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Business and Economics

Study mode and course location

On- campus (Caulfield)

Off-campus (Gippsland)

Course description

This course provides current and aspiring managers with the opportunity to develop specialist knowledge and expertise in human resource management, with an emphasis on strategic issues. Students commence their studies with foundation units focusing on contemporary issues related to managing human resources, organisational change, and industrial relations. Students then select units to suit their own interests and requirements by choosing from the wide range of elective units offered by the Department of Management. The course involves the study of theoretical and research developments and analysis of contemporary examples of human resource management.

Course objectives

The learning goals associated with this course are to: analyse and evaluate the strategic contribution that can be made by human resource management (HRM); develop specialist knowledge and expertise in HRM responsibilities; review and analyse contemporary HRM issues and the design of related HR policy and practice; examine the interplay between HRM and related specialist areas such as industrial, workplace and employee relations, organisational and change management and leadership; critically analyse and apply HRM theory and empirical research.

Course structure

Course requirements

(a) Students must complete six core units (36 points) as follows:

  • MGX5261 Human resource management issues
  • MGX5551 Strategic human resource management
  • MGX5631 International human resource management
  • MGX9600 Managing people and organisations
  • MGX9850 Human resource management

plus one of the following units:

  • MGX9220 Industrial and workplace relations
  • MGX9180 Employee relations

(b) students must complete six elective units (36 points) from 9000-level or 5000-level graduate units subject to the following conditions:

  • a maximum of two elective units (12 points) may be taken from other faculties
  • students seeking AHRI accreditation should include MGX5670 Leadership, and MGX9720 Managing change as elective units
  • a research option is available with permission of the course coordinator. Students enrolling in the Research option will be required to complete the units MGX9290, MGX5901 and MGX5900 as part of their elective component.

Additional degree requirements:

  • students must study a minimum of four 5000-level units
  • students should complete three 9000-level units before commencing 5000-level units.

It is recommended that students consult with the course coordinator to ensure their elective units form a coherent study program.

Exit points

Students can exit early from this degree under the following conditions:

  • completion of four units - Graduate Certificate in Business
  • completion of eight units - Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Professional recognition

This degree with relevant units is recognised by the following legal entities:

  • Australian Human Resources Institute.

Professional recognition may be dependent upon work experience requirements and the correct choice of units.

Contact details

Department of Management: telephone +61 3 9903 2807; email:

Course coordinator

Dr Cathy Sheehan