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Technical and professional communication (6 points)


Leader: Dr. Marian Quigley

Berwick First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit introduces students to contemporary professional, business and technical communication strategies and skills that will equip them for the demands of the workplace increasingly subject to technological diversity and transformation. The development of skills in effective communication and cooperation and negotiation within a team environment are emphasised. The ways in which new technologies effect communication and associated ethical issues will be examined. The efficacy and applications of selected communication theories and models to professional interaction will be discussed. The unit also focuses on the development of research skills applicable to both educational and business environments.

Assessment: Individual Research Paper: 30% Group Oral Presentation and Tutorial Participation: 20% Individual Folio: 30% Individual Interview: 20%

Contact Hours: 3 hours per week (1 hour lecture/seminar and 2 hour tutorial)

Prohibitions: GCO1063, MGW1100, BUS2030

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