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Principles of criminal law and procedure (6 points)


Leader: Dr Elise Histed

Clayton T1-58 2003 (Day)
Clayton T3-58 2003 (Day)
Clayton T1-58 2004 (Day)
Clayton T3-58 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This subject gives students an understanding of the fundamental principles of criminal law and procedure and of the policies underlying them. The focus of the course will be on the principles and doctrines of criminal law but students will also examine substantive State and Federal offences, such as homicide, non-fatal offences against the person, sexual offences, property offences and relevant defences and aspects of criminal procedure. The subject will satisfy the requirements of the Council of Legal Education for admission to practice.

Assessment: Case Preparation exercise requiring students to analyse a set of documents comprising a police brief of evidence and (i) to prepare a submission to the Director of Public Prosecutions recommending whether the discretion to prosecute should be exercised in the circumstances of the case, and (ii) assuming that the discretion to prosecute has been exercised, prepare a plea in mitigation of penalty on behalf of the Defendant: 30%Final Examination: 70%

Prerequisites: LAW7212 and LAW7079. Prohibited combinations: LAW3300

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