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Criminal law and procedure 312 (12 points)


Leader: Professor Bob Williams

Clayton Full year 2003 (Day)
Clayton Full year 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Students will study the nature of the criminal law; criminal procedure in Victoria; substantive crimes including non-homicidal offences against the person, homicide, theft and allied crimes. Topics with certain general themes will be taught in Semester 2. These will vary from year to year but could involve consideration of the extent to which human rights and civil liberties are recognised in substantive criminal law and procedure; the impact of gender differences in criminal liability; the treatment by the criminal law of persons of differing cultural backgrounds; and the substantive and procedural problems in criminal law posed by the fact that the defendant is a corporation.

Assessment: Mid Year Test: (Open book, 120 minutes plus 10 minutes reading time): 35% + Advising and Plea Making Module: 15% + Final Examination (Open book, 120 minutes plus 10 minutes reading time): 50%

Contact Hours: Three hours of lectures per week and 1-hour tutorial per fortnight

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