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The justice system, theory and practice 406 (6 points)



Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: The subject will adopt a seminar format to explore various aspects of the adversarial system of justice. While the precise content of the subject will vary from year to year to reflect changing emphases, topics will be chosen to illustrate fundamental principles upon which the justice system is based, and/or to illustrate changes and challenges to the system. Possible topics include an examination of the adversarial as opposed to inquisitorial systems of justice, the rise of Alternative Dispute Resolution, interrelationship of Federal and State Law, managerialism in the justice system, the diminishing role of the jury, quasi-judicial bodies and the outsourcing of Justice.

Assessment: Final examination (2 hours plus reading and noting time): 50% + Essay (4000 words): 50%

Prerequisites: LAW3300, Corequisite: LAW5104, LAW5159

Corequisites: LAW5104, LAW5159

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