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Pre-enrolment (continuing students)

All continuing research students are required to re-enrol annually. In October each year 100 per cent research students are sent an enrolment form (called a `Part A' form) together with a letter asking them to pre-enrol. The pre-enrolment form is returned to the Research Training and Support Branch.

Continuing coursework students will also pre-enrol in 1996 for the 1997 academic year. All students will be sent a pre-enrolment guide, required to consult with their department or centre and obtain written approval for all proposed subjects and research and present this information to the graduate studies office by the due date (yet to be determined at the time this book goes to publication).

The faculty will key all details of the next academic year's enrolment and the university will forward a fees advice form for the amenities fees in January 1997.

Confirmation of enrolment

Form: Confirmation of enrolment and HECS advice form

Mailed to: Students

Return to: Central administration if a PhD candidate or the faculty graduate studies office if enrolled in a masters degree or graduate diploma.

Central administration sends a record of enrolment and HECS liability after each census date (31 March, first semester and 31 August, second semester) and notifies students of summer semester liabilities by mail during the summer semester. It is imperative that students check the details and report any errors by 25 April (first semester), 26 September (second semester) and three weeks after the printing date of the form for summer subjects. Disputes made after these dates will incur a late fine. If students do not dispute a discrepancy the Australian Taxation Office will be given incorrect information, which may cost students money. If the details on the form are accurate, no further action is necessary. If students have not received the form one week prior to the due return date they should call at central administration to request a replacement and confirm that they have the correct mail address.

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