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Enrolment (new students)

New students enrol in January. In its letter informing students that they have been accepted into a graduate program, the graduate studies office encloses a timetable for enrolment. Students are required to come to the Clayton campus (or send a proxy who would need to have detailed information about all the subjects (codes and names) the student proposes to undertake) and pick up the enrolment documentation from their department or centre. After discussing and getting approval for their enrolment from their department/centre, students proceed to the graduate studies enrolment centre so that the subjects (and thesis in case of some MA Part 2 students) can be entered on to the Monash University Student Information System (MUSIS). They are then required to go to the university enrolment centre to obtain an ID card and organise payment of HECS fees. No fees are paid on the day of enrolment - a fees advice form is mailed out two to three weeks after enrolment. The whole procedure is quite lengthy and takes the greater part of a day.

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