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Amendment to enrolment

Alterations to enrolment and change of address

Students must notify the faculty, using the forms available from the graduate studies office, of any change in their selection of subjects or thesis details. Any change in enrolment must be approved by the department or centre and the Faculty of Arts. No change of course or subject will be accepted until 24 February 1997. The faculty must be advised in writing if a candidate wishes to withdraw from candidature.

No student may take up after 17 March 1997 a new subject taught in the first half of the year or over the whole academic year, or after 4 August a new subject taught in the second half of the year, except with the permission of the dean and on payment of a late change fee. Late fees for 1997 are not yet determined. It is the responsibility of students to notify the faculty of any change in their current address.

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