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Accepted candidates

PhD students are to liaise directly with the Research Training and Support Branch upon receipt of a letter offering candidature. Candidates are requested to advise the Research Training and Support Branch within three weeks of the date of offer whether they wish to accept the offer.

Upon receipt of a letter of offer, masters and diploma students are required to complete an acceptance form and lodge it with the faculty. Students who accept a place must report to their department or centre during the scheduled dates to complete enrolment formalities, and failure to do so could result in the loss of a place. Enrolling students will receive an enrolment form, obtain department/centre approval for subjects and/or thesis enrolment and then proceed to the faculty, where the subjects/thesis are entered on the Monash University student information system (MUSIS). Students will then be directed to central administration for an identity card.

Students are not required to pay fees at enrolment. A fees advice form will be forwarded to all students approximately two to three weeks after enrolment. To validate an enrolment, students must make a payment at any Westpac branch within the specified timeframe.


Due to current demand for places, master and diploma applicants cannot defer their course of study. If unable to accept the offer of a place, applicants should reapply the following year.

PhD candidates are permitted to defer the commencement date of candidature for a period of up to twelve months.

Concurrent candidature

Normally a full-time candidate for a higher degree in the Faculty of Arts will not be permitted to enrol for a concurrent course at this or another university or tertiary institution. However, in exceptional cases, individual applications for concurrent part-time candidature may be considered by the faculty. Any such requests must be made in writing, clearly setting out the reasons why the candidate seeks to undertake concurrent studies in more than one degree.

Faculty timetables

Timetables for postgraduate subjects are available from the relevant department or centre.

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