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The faculty receives a great number of applications for graduate programs. Demand for places is therefore highly competitive and not all qualified applicants can expect to be successful.

PhD application forms are available from Research Training and Support Branch; masters and diploma forms may be obtained from the graduate faculty office on the student's proposed campus. These sets of forms normally become available in August of the year before admission is sought. Completed forms must be submitted to the department or centre by the fourth Friday in October.

Candidates for the degree of Master of Arts proceed in one of three ways: by thesis, by coursework and thesis, or by coursework, and candidates need to indicate their proposed mode of candidature on the application form. Not every department necessarily offers all three options; intending candidates should consult the relevant entry in this handbook for details, and preferably the department or centre also, before completing this section of the application form. The application must receive the recommendation of the head of the department or the director of the centre in which the intending candidate wishes to pursue studies. In making a recommendation, the head of the department or director of the centre will name a supervisor for candidates undertaking research and specify any course requirements. The application is then considered by the Committee for Graduate Studies of the Arts faculty board or, for PhD applicants, by the PhD and Scholarships Committee. The candidate is subsequently notified by letter of the committee's decision on the application.

Closing date for applications

Applications for admission to higher degree candidature or the graduate diploma program must be lodged no later than 31 October 1996 for the first semester intake in 1997.

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