BIO4100 - Biology research project - 2019

36 points, SCA Band 2, 0.750 EFTSL

Undergraduate - Unit

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Organisational Unit

School of Biological Sciences

Chief examiner(s)

Dr Chris Greening


Dr Chris Greening

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  • Full year 2019 (On-campus)
  • Second semester 2019 to First semester 2020 (On-campus)


Enrolment in an approved Honours or Graduate Diploma in science in the discipline of Ecology and conservation biology, Environmental science, Genetics, Plant sciences or Zoology




Students undertake a major research project. Under the supervision of an academic in the School of Biological Sciences, students immerse themselves in the literature surrounding their chosen field of research, design novel research projects that will lead to new understanding in the field, and then set about testing these questions. Students will experience working in a lab group environment, working side-by-side with PhD students and professional researchers. Students present the results of their research projects via an oral presentation and written thesis.

Candidates may commence the honours year at the beginning of either First or Second Semester (July). Further information is available from the course coordinators and at a meeting held with prospective students during Second Semester of third year.


On completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Gather, analyse and critically evaluate data and information from scientific research;
  2. Demonstrate skills in experimental design and in specialised techniques for laboratory and/or fieldwork in biological sciences;
  3. Demonstrate skills in writing reports of scientific experiments and in searching the scientific literature;
  4. Communicate scientific information effectively and professionally using a variety of modes;
  5. Statistically analyse and present biological data;
  6. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively and responsibly using the scientific method.


Written literature review: 7%

Research project with written report on the results: 66%

Seminar based on research project 7%

Supervisor's assessment of project planning, conduct and development: 20%

Workload requirements

This unit requires the equivalent of 36 hours per week of work, over the two main semesters. The students will largely undertake work associated with this unit independently, under supervision Scheduled activities will include a combination of literature searching and reading, lab and / or field work, data analysis and interpretation, and preparation of written and oral reports.

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