PGC5006 - Speciality clinical placement - 2017

3 points, SCA Band 2, 0.0625 EFTSL

Postgraduate - Unit

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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Mr John Coutsouvelis

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This unit provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in an area of specialty practice. It allows them to model their behaviour to provide clinical pharmacy services at a high level, and to become an important member of the healthcare team in a specialty environment.

The student will also put into practice the knowledge and skills learned in Evidence based practice, Clinical pharmacology, Introduction to epidemiology & biostatistics, and Patient data and pharmacotherapy 1 and 2. Students will present a number of case studies highlighting the pharmacist's role in patient management, and the application of evidence based practice.


At completion of this unit it is expected that students will be able to:

  • Describe the pharmacotherapy and patient monitoring relevant to the chosen specialty.
  • Describe useful resources available to pharmacists working in the chosen specialty.
  • Present comprehensive case studies concentrating on the role of the pharmacist in patient management, and the application of evidence based practice.
  • Present a Journal club relevant to the chosen specialty.
  • Present a continuing education lecture on an area of practice or therapeutics relevant to the chosen specialty, and pitched at the right level for the chosen audience.


Placement attendance, presentations and submission of learning portfolio (hurdle)

Chief examiner(s)

Off-campus attendance requirements

This unit requires four weeks of placement in a specialty area under the supervision of an experienced specialty clinical pharmacist preceptor approved by the Course Coordinator. The placement organised by the student may be undertaken in a four-week block, or as two blocks each of two weeks.

It is expected that all four weeks will be carried out in the same specialty area of practice. Placements should not generally be undertaken in the student's normal workplace. Students should allocate extra time for reading, case preparation, etc during the placement time.

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PGC6006 (VCG6011)