LAW5083 - Extended research - 2017

12 points, SCA Band 3, 0.250 EFTSL

Postgraduate - Unit

Refer to the specific census and withdrawal dates for the semester(s) in which this unit is offered.



Quota applies

No more than 5 JD students may commence this unit in a given trimester. Where there are more eligible applicants than places, applicants will be awarded places on the basis of academic merit.

Unit guides


City (Melbourne)

  • First semester 2017 (Day)
  • Second semester 2017 (Off-campus block of classes)
  • Summer semester A 2017 (Day)
  • Term 1 2017 (Day)
  • Trimester 1 2017 (On-campus block of classes)
  • Term 2 2017 (Day)
  • Trimester 2 2017 (On-campus block of classes)
  • Term 3 2017 (Day)
  • Trimester 3 2017 (Day)
  • Term 4 2017 (Day)


Enrolment guidelines for postgraduate Minor thesis can be viewed at

For postgraduate Law discontinuation dates, please see

Previously coded as LAW7456


This unit involves completion of a 12,000-15,000 words (maximum) thesis. The topic is designed by the student in conjunction with a staff member and approved by the Postgraduate Board of Examiners. Students work under supervision but with considerable independence. The unit is suitable for students seeking a pathway to doctoral studies.


On completion of this unit students will have:

  • developed a high level of personal autonomy and accountability in planning and executing a substantial piece of research on a particular legal issue;
  • acquired an advanced knowledge of legal research principles and methods, evidenced by their ability to locate, update and apply the law in their chosen area of research;
  • demonstrated an advanced and integrated understanding of a complex body of knowledge in an area of law;
  • developed their capacity to analyse critically, reflect on and synthesise information, problems, policies, concepts and theories, evidenced by their ability to develop and sustain a convincing 'thesis' throughout their research;
  • demonstrated advanced written communication skills; and
  • made a contribution to knowledge in their area of research.


Minor thesis (12,000-15,000 words): 100%

The thesis will be assessed by an examiner under the Faculty regulations.

Please note that there is an application process for this unit, available at:

Workload requirements

Students enrolled in the minor thesis will be provided with appropriate levels of supervision to meet the needs of the student and expectations of the university. Students will be expected to do reading and research applicable to a 12 credit point unit.

Chief examiner(s)


Completed four units (four elective units for JD students) and obtained 70% or above in each of the units.