EDF3269 - Secondary pedagogy A - 2017

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate - Unit

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Dr Ed Creely

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  • First semester 2017 (Day)


This unit requires students to critically engage with theories and practices associated with pedagogies used in secondary schooling in Years 7 to 12 and how these may differ from the primary setting. Students are supported in the development of their understandings of the pedagogical content knowledge and curriculum requirements associated with their chosen disciplinary field(s), and how these vary across year levels within their area(s) in a secondary school setting. In addition, the unit enables students to develop an understanding of how authentic learning experiences, in conjunction with the use of problem-solving strategies, can be employed to enhance student learning in Years 7 to 12. Students are required to draw upon both their classroom experiences and the research literature as they actively participate in their critical construction of relevant pedagogical content knowledge at these levels of secondary school.


Upon successful completion of this unit students should be able to:

  1. identify and acknowledge the learning demands that might exist amongst students in Years 7 to 12, and how these vary between the year levels
  2. demonstrate an understanding of the different pedagogical approaches that might be employed in the teaching of students across Years 7 to 12
  3. analyse the relationship between pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum F-10, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and the Australian Curriculum in their chosen disciplinary field(s)
  4. integrate the use of problem-solving approaches and other cognitive strategies as tools of authentic learning in their chosen disciplinary field(s)
  5. critically evaluate different pedagogical approaches to secondary schooling.


Research essay (2000 words, 50%)

Construction of an authentic learning task (2000 words or equivalent, 50%)

Workload requirements

Minimum total expected workload equals 144 hours per semester comprising:

  1. Contact hours for on-campus students:
    • 2-hour workshop per week for 9 weeks
    • 4 hours of online activities over the semester
  2. Additional requirements:
    • independent study to make up the minimum required hours per semester

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