EDF1103 - Fieldwork experience in outdoor education and environmental studies 1A - 2017

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Undergraduate - Unit

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  • First semester 2017 (Day)


This unit monitors fieldwork taken concurrently with EDF1174 (Foundations of outdoor education and environmental studies). Students develop their experiential knowledge and skills in outdoor environments and apply, question, test and consolidate theories and concepts they are exploring in EDF1174. These experiences also provide students with the opportunity to build competencies in the professional requirements associated with fieldwork provision in outdoor education and environmental studies, that is, in the conduct of outdoor activities, safe planning, risk management and experience in the logistical support required for the provision of fieldwork programs.


Upon successful completion of this unit students should be able to:

  1. adapt experiential knowledge and skills in diverse outdoor environmental contexts
  2. demonstrate skills to review and analyse individual learning needs in professional practice
  3. complete the required number of days of fieldwork experience and the activities specified in the fieldwork experience guides for this unit
  4. record, through a fieldwork experience logbook, their field-based learning and self-reflections on their developing knowledge and skills in professional practice.


5 days of fieldwork experience


This unit is graded pass grade only (PGO).

Fieldwork experience logbook

Workload requirements

Students complete:

  1. 3-hour workshop briefing on information that pertains specifically to the fieldwork experience component
  2. minimum of 5 days of fieldwork experience in a Victorian National Park or environmental reserve

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