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Dr Annette Bos



This program provides doctoral (PhD) students with the opportunity to develop expertise in their chosen discipline through the completion of a supervised research project.

Each student is also supported through a development program aimed at building the knowledge, skills and abilities that will help them to become more effective researchers, and develop the general professional skills of value to prospective employers in academia, industry, government and the broader community.

Program requirements

All PhD students will be required to undertake compulsory training in the following areas:

  • Monash Graduate Research Induction (online)
  • Research Integrity (online)
  • faculty induction, including occupational health and safety (where required).

Professional development component

Students must, in consultation with their supervisor(s), satisfactorily complete a minimum of 120 hours of graduate research professional development activities offered or recognised by the University:

  • 60 hours (minimum) of professional development activities offered or recognised from the 'Excellence in Research and Teaching' category
  • 60 hours (minimum) of professional development activities offered or recognised from the 'Professionalism, Innovation and Career' category.

Students will discuss with their supervisors which optional activities best suit their needs and interests, and complete any mandated activities. Students are required to update their supervisors on their progress toward achieving the required hours of professional development activities.

Students may be required to complete specific activities offered through the Monash Doctoral ProgramMonash Doctoral Program (http://www.monash.edu/graduate-research/future-students/phd).

Attendance will be monitored to ensure hours are accurately recorded.

Students will be required to:

  • attend various forums throughout their enrolment after consultation with their supervisor
  • organise/facilitate/plan forums or workshops as part of their enrolment
  • keep a professional development journal, relating to relevant seminars, workshops or conferences they attend/organise, for submission to their supervisor.

For detailed information about the options available in this PhD program, visit the Monash Doctoral ProgramMonash Doctoral Program (http://www.monash.edu/graduate-research/future-students/phd) webpage.

Relevant courses

2710 Doctor of Philosophy