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Commencement year

Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.

Managing faculty

Faculty of Education



Curriculum leadership lies at the heart of education transformation. Leading school communities to rethink and reform how and what is taught and learnt is the focus of this specialisation which is available in four streams: digital learning, literacy, mathematics and science. It is designed for current and future education leaders who are faced with complex decisions in relation to curriculum innovation. You will develop your own knowledge base, acquiring a sound evidence basis for decisions. You will also develop processes and skills for leading the professional learning of others and to support their teaching.


Students complete two units from either one of the following four streams or from across the four streams:

Digital learning:

  • EDF5647 Technology and education key issues and debates
  • EDF5672 Leadership in educational technology practices


  • EDF5649 Language and literacies across educational contexts
  • EDF5650 Literacy leadership in schools, workplaces and communities


  • EDF5651 Developing expertise in mathematics education
  • EDF5673 Leading mathematics and numeracy educators


  • EDF5652 Understanding research and leadership in science education
  • EDF5674 Engaging with practices of contemporary science

Relevant courses

Successful completion of this specialisation can be counted towards meeting the requirements for the following course:

  • D6004 Master of Leadership

Students in other courses are not eligible to complete this specialisation.