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Monash University

Units indexed by Organisational Unit: MBA Program

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  • MBA5005 Strategic management
  • MBA5008 Managing people for competitive advantage
  • MBA5030 Specialist elective 1
  • MBA5400 MBA corporate project 1
  • MBA5410 MBA corporate project 2
  • MBA5500 Negotiation and managerial judgment
  • MBA5510 The strategic environment of business
  • MBA5520 Creating sustainable organisations
  • MBA5530 Critical thinking for problem solving
  • MBA5540 Innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital economy
  • MBA5603 Economics for managers
  • MBA5604 Financial and management accounting for decision making
  • MBA5605 Business finance
  • MBA5607 Evidence-based decision making
  • MBA5608 Managing people for competitive advantage in Asia
  • MBA5615 Entrepreneurial marketing
  • MBA5701 Negotiation
  • MBA5703 Managerial economics
  • MBA5704 Accounting
  • MBA5705 Business finance
  • MBA5706 Business strategy
  • MBA5707 Data analysis in business
  • MBA5708 Managing people
  • MBA5709 The business environment
  • MBA5715 Strategic marketing management
  • MBA5720 Corporate sustainability
  • MBA5721 Experiential learning project
  • MBA5722 MBA study tour
  • MBA5730 Critical thinking
  • MBA5740 Managing innovation
  • MBA5903 Business economics
  • MBA5904 Interpreting accounting information
  • MBA5905 Corporate finance
  • MBA5906 Strategic marketing leadership
  • MBA5907 Business insights from data analysis
  • MBA5952 Project management