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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Politics and International Relations

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  • APG5064 Gender, security and conflict
  • APG5065 Governing migration: Refugees, borders and development
  • APG5092 Human rights in global politics
  • APG5324 Advanced seminar in International political economy
  • APG5327 Wars of recognition: Terrorism and political violence
  • APG5332 Security and securitisation
  • APG5336 Islam and modernity
  • APG5337 Governance and democratisation
  • APG5666 Terrorism, counter-terrorism and intelligence
  • APG5667 Terrorism, fringe politics and extremist violence
  • APG5668 Advanced seminar in international relations
  • APG5973 The political economy of European integration
  • ATS1353 Foundations of modern politics
  • ATS1701 Terrorism and political violence: An introduction
  • ATS1873 Introduction to international relations
  • ATS1945 Australian government and politics
  • ATS2088 Russia and the US: Comparative politics
  • ATS2400 Personality: Beyond the persona
  • ATS2624 Global governance
  • ATS2691 Politics, violence and memory
  • ATS2692 Progress and despair: Modern political ideologies and theories
  • ATS2693 Politics and the media
  • ATS2694 International political economy
  • ATS2698 Middle East politics
  • ATS2699 Parties and power
  • ATS2706 Foreign policy analysis
  • ATS2961 Political ideas
  • ATS2975 Building blocs: The European Union and the Asia-Pacific
  • ATS3060 Uni-Capitol Washington internship programme
  • ATS3340 International security studies
  • ATS3399 The self and others: Identity and the experience of difference in the 21st century
  • ATS3690 Reflections on humanity: Truth, freedom and power
  • ATS3695 Public policy
  • ATS3697 Gender and international relations
  • ATS3705 Knowledge and power in world politics
  • ATS3719 Political and social theory
  • ATS3836 Victorian parliamentary internship
  • ATS3903 Leaders, power and politics
  • ATS3973 The political economy of European integration
  • ATS3974 European security
  • ATS4328 Grand theories of politics and international relations
  • ATS4333 Comparative national government