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Units indexed by Area of study: Leadership

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Leadership

  • EDF4610 Interacting with research in education contexts
  • EDF4611 Investigating education issues in global contexts
  • EDF5635 Leading capable organisations
  • EDF5636 Leading organisational decision making
  • EDF5640 Language, culture and curriculum
  • EDF5641 Pedagogy and assessment in TESOL
  • EDF5647 Technology and education key issues and debates
  • EDF5649 Language and literacies across educational contexts
  • EDF5650 Literacy leadership in schools, workplaces and communities
  • EDF5651 Developing expertise in mathematics education
  • EDF5652 Understanding research and leadership in science education
  • EDF5662 Leading local, rural and regional learning and participation
  • EDF5664 Learning through participation
  • EDF5670 Leadership studies
  • EDF5671 Leadership challenge project
  • EDF5672 Leadership in educational technology practices
  • EDF5673 Leading mathematics and numeracy education
  • EDF5674 Engaging with practices of contemporary science
  • EDF5675 Directions in teaching languages: Foundation to year 10
  • EDF5676 Global and local innovations in language teaching and learning
  • EDF5678 Leading learning communities
  • EDF5699 Extended teaching practice