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  • ENV1011 Planet earth: Our place in the universe
  • ESC1011 Planet earth: Our place in the universe
  • ESC1022 Planet earth: Surface processes
  • ESC2111 The dynamic earth I: Mountain belts and basins
  • ESC2122 The dynamic earth II: Global processes
  • ESC3162 Ore deposit geology and global metallogeny
  • ESC3180 Field mapping
  • ESC3190 Hydrogeology and environmental geoscience
  • ESC3200 Earth sciences project
  • ESC3201 Deformation of the crust
  • ESC3232 The dynamic biosphere: Changing fauna and flora through geological time
  • ESC3311 Geophysics: Regional mapping
  • ESC3332 Global dynamics and crustal evolution
  • ESC3340 Geophysics: Special topics
  • ESC3421 Igneous and metamorphic processes and geochemistry
  • ESC3900 Dynamic earth