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  • AZA1001 Introduction to development studies
  • AZA1306 Introduction to human geography
  • AZA1326 International studies 2
  • AZA1365 Everyday life in sociological perspectives
  • AZA1366 Families, relationships, health and the media
  • AZA1433 Interpersonal communication
  • AZA2378 Development and the developing world
  • AZA2546 Environmental impact assessment
  • AZA2547 Urban planning, development and sustainability
  • AZA2549 Poverty and power: The uneven world
  • AZA2644 South Africa: Democracy and development
  • AZA3453 Research fundamentals
  • AZA3547 Urban planning, development and sustainability
  • AZA3744 School of Social Science workplace internship
  • AZA3771 Management of community projects: Working preventatively with children, youth and families