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Managing facultyFaculty of Engineering


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Infrastructure engineering deals with the growing need for engineers aware of the characteristics and significance of infrastructure, including its technological, economic and social impact.

The planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure are crucial to the economic viability of Australia. Skilled professionals are required to maintain ageing infrastructure, integrate new infrastructure into existing systems, and expand infrastructure. And it must be done in a way that is socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

It is also lends support to those who are involved in the management of infrastructure such as roads, railways, buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams and pipelines.


For the sequence of units required to complete a given course in this area of study, refer to the Handbook entry for the relevant course.

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Relevant courses

  • 3262 Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management
  • 3292 Master of Engineering Science (Research)
  • 3291 Doctor of Philosophy