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Managing facultyFaculty of Information Technology
Offered byCaulfield School of Information Technology


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Projects occur in almost every business. Project management includes all the organisational, business and technical activities in planning and executing projects. Modern project managers are business managers and project management is a common pathway to senior management roles. Project managers take part in almost all business functions, including planning the organisational structure, business strategy development, sales and marketing, cash flow and profit budgets, and the technical activities of planning and executing the projects. The main focus of this specialisation is to give graduates the knowledge they need to work in projects, or as an entry-level project manager.

The goal of the project management specialisation is to provide students with the practical skills required by a modern project manager. Project management is the technology used to plan and deliver projects based on other technologies. Graduates who have completed this specialisation will understand the modern approach to project management. They will have the knowledge to plan and manage projects. Much of the track will concentrate on organisational, financial and business functions which support the delivery of projects. This knowledge will assist graduates in a variety of roles in industry or government.

In addition to an understanding of project management techniques and the desirable generic graduate attributes identified by the University, graduates should be able to:

  • understand business operations and how the project management approach can contribute to the success of an organisation
  • understand and provide advice on organisational structures and functions used by organisations whose main activities are projects
  • understand financial analysis, valuation and pricing issues
  • understand contract law, business strategy, and business and legal issues relevant to project management.

Graduates of the specialisation will have a strong theoretical knowledge of the most important practical areas of project management. This will enable them to work in projects and take entry-level positions in project planning or as a project manager.


To qualify for an award with a specialisation in project management students complete the units outlined below:

  • FIT5057 Project management
  • FIT5178 Applied project management
  • FIT5180 Business and legal issues in project management
  • FIT5194 Computer based global project management

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Relevant courses

  • 3347 Graduate Certificate in Business Information Systems
  • 3345 Graduate Diploma in Business Information Systems
  • 3346 Postgraduate Certificate in Business Information Systems
  • 3344 Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information Systems
  • 3341 Master of Business Information Systems
  • 3342 Master of Business Information Systems Professional
  • 3343 Master of Business Information Systems (Honours)