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Managing facultyFaculty of Arts
Offered bySchool of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies


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Areas of research specialisation in classical studies include:

  • ancient comparative literature and religion
  • ancient erotic mythology and ritual
  • ancient Greek drama (especially Old Attic Comedy)
  • Augustan literature and propaganda
  • the interaction of the Greek/Hellenistic world with its Near Eastern neighbours
  • the reception of classics in the Italian Renaissance and in contemporary Italy.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Research)

Students complete 48 points comprising a core thesis (24 points) and coursework honours units (24 points) chosen from the list below.

Thesis units

  • ATS4003 SOPHIS honours thesis (24 points)
  • ATS4004 SOPHIS honours thesis part A (12 points) and ATS4005 SOPHIS honours thesis part B (12 points)

Coursework units

Students complete:

  • ATS4702 Research seminar: Ritual and drama, the politics of antiquity (12 points)

plus an additional 12 points from the following units:

  • ATS4257 Reading the ancient past (12 points)
  • ATS4345 Research methods in classical antiquity (12 points)
Course coordinator

Dr Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

Further courses

For a list of units studied or course outlines, refer to the relevant courses.

Relevant courses

  • 3937 Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Research)
  • 2695 Master of Arts*
  • 0020 Doctor of Philosophy*

*By research