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Students who commenced study in 2012 should refer to this course entry for direction on the requirements; to check which units are currently available for enrolment, refer to the unit indexes in the the current edition of the Handbook. If you have any queries contact the managing faculty for your course.

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Managing facultyArt, Design and Architecture
Abbreviated titleBBus/BVA
CRICOS code075113D
Total credit points required192
Standard duration of study (years)4 years FT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Caulfield)
Admission, fee and application details
Contact details

Telephone +61 3 9903 1517, email or visit

Course coordinator

Mr David Watson (Faculty of Business and Economics), Dr Dan Wollmering (Faculty of Art and Design)


  • Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the handbook are not available for study in the current year.


This course will enable students with a strong discipline background in visual arts to combine their knowledge and skills with the development of a strong discipline base in business principles.


On completion of this course graduates will have achieved the following specific learning outcomes:

  • foundation knowledge in a wide range of business disciplines and a broad perspective on business
  • in-depth knowledge and analytical abilities in relation to the chosen major specialisation
  • a sound knowledge of the theories and practices associated with being a professional in the domain of visual arts
  • understanding of the relationship between the knowledge domains involved in visual arts and business
  • capacity to access, evaluate and incorporate research findings into their work
  • ability to be reflective and critical, incorporate aesthetic sensibilities and develop creative and physical skills
  • capacity to understand and respond positively to the challenges of a changing society
  • capacity to be open to informal and formal collaboration with colleagues
  • ability to communicate effectively in a variety of media to a range of audiences
  • ability to be self-reliant professionals able to work in a range of roles as an employee, team member, contractor or self-employed practitioner
  • skills in communication and interpersonal behaviour, especially as they pertain to the business environment
  • capacity to synthesise and apply knowledge from a number of disciplines when analysing specific problems
  • appreciation of the diverse modes of human experience and expression and cultural and linguistic diversity
  • critical awareness of how their own background shapes their approach to the visual arts
  • understanding of and commitment to the highest professional standards
  • intellectual and cultural curiosity as a preparation for lifelong learning and a foundation on which further advanced studies can be undertaken.

Refer also to for the Bachelor of Business course objectives.

Professional recognition

This double degree with relevant units is recognised by the following legal entities:

  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Marketing Institute
  • Financial Services Institute of Australasia
  • CPA Australia
  • Risk Management Institute of Australasia
  • The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Professional recognition may be dependent upon work experience requirements and the correct choice of units.

Details of educational requirements for professional recognition can be found at:


Areas of study

Students must complete a major specialisation from a list of approved majors taught by the Faculty of Business and Economics. For details of the major specialisations and units required, refer to course 3806 Bachelor of Business at

Students must also complete visual practice discipline taught by the Faculty of Art and Design together with a breadth of studies provided through complementary and other units in studio and theory, from which approved individual study programs can be formed.


All units are 6 points unless otherwise indicated.

The degree requirements are:

Business component

(a.) Students must complete 16 units (96 points) from the Faculty of Business and Economics as follows:

(i.) six compulsory common core units (36 points):

(ii.) a major of eight units (48 points):

  • the major must come from the approved list of majors
  • at least two units (12 points) must be completed at each of second and third-year level

(iii.) additional units taken in the Bachelor of Business, Caulfield campus, to reach the required minimum of 16 units.

Additional degree requirements for the Bachelor of Business:

  • a maximum of eight first-year level units (48 points)
  • a minimum of four third-year level units (24 points) from those offered by the faculty at the Caulfield campus
  • in addition to specific unit prerequisites, second-year level units require the successful completion of three first-year level units and third-year level units require the successful completion of two second-year level units.

Visual Arts component

(b.) Students must complete 10 units (96 points) from the Faculty of Art and Design as follows:

(i.) six compulsory Visual Practice units (72 points):

(ii.) completion of a compulsory OHS unit (0 points):

  • OHS1000 Introduction to art and design health and safety

(iii.) completion of three compulsory theory units (18 points)

  • TAD1101 Introduction to visual culture
  • TAD1102 Modernism and the avantgardes
  • TAD2102 Perspectives on post-war practices

(iv.) completion of one unit of theory at either second or third-year level (units with a prefix of TAD)


Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Visual Arts