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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2011 Postgraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Engineering

Managing facultyEngineering
Abbreviated titlePGradDipInfraEng&Mgt
Total credit points required48
Standard duration of study (years)2 years PT
Study mode and locationOff-campus (Clayton)
Admission, fee and application details
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Course coordinator



  • There is no entry into this diploma program; students can only articulate to it from the corresponding graduate certificate or exit from the masters program. International students are only able to study this course in their country of residence.
  • Part-time study only.


This postgraduate diploma is designed for engineers/skilled professionals who wish to pursue advanced study in infrastructure engineering and management, previously studied as part of their undergraduate or graduate certificate training.


Graduates will:

  • understand the need to plan, develop and maintain infrastructure at a high level
  • evaluate alternative projects and policies in a rigorous manner
  • plan and execute the development of infrastructure projects
  • communicate their arguments effectively to teams and clients
  • critically evaluate their work and the work of others.

Credit for prior studies

A maximum of 25 per cent of course requirements for previous postgraduate level studies not considered for any awards may be credited for prior study. Credits or exemptions will not be granted for undergraduate qualifications.

Students articulating from the Graduate Certificate in Infrastructure Engineering and Management will be eligible for credit transfer for a total of 24 credit points.

Maximum credit allowed

24 credit points


This course comprises eight units:

  • four core units
  • up to three units from the list of engineering electives
  • up to three units from the list of Business and Economics electives

The number of units required may vary depending on whether any credit has been granted for prior studies.


Core units

  • CIV5310 Infrastructure project and policy evaluation
  • CIV5311 Infrastructure project management
  • CIV5312 Asset management I
  • CIV5313 Asset management II

Engineering electives

Select up to three units from:

  • CIV5261 Flood management in urban and rural environments
  • CIV5262 Planning and design of urban stormwater management measures
  • CIV5263 Hydraulics of sewerage systems
  • CIV5264 Management of water resources and related infrastructure
  • CIV5301 Traffic engineering fundamentals
  • CIV5302 Road traffic: Engineering and management
  • CIV5304 Intelligent transport systems
  • CIV5306 Road safety engineering
  • CIV5307 Parking policy and design

Business and Economics electives

Total: 48 points

Progression to further studies

Students who have satisfactorily completed the postgraduate diploma with a minimum mark of 65 per cent average may articulate to the Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management.


Graduate Certificate in Infrastructure Engineering and Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Infrastructure Engineering and Management