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Monash University Handbook 2011 Honours - Area of Study

Managing facultyFaculty of Business and Economics


To complete the Economics major in the Honours degree of Bachelor of Commerce or the Honours degree of Bachelor of Economics, students must complete:

(a.) Three compulsory units (24 points):

(b.) a maximum of four units (24 points) from the following list:

  • ECC4670 Development economics
  • ECC4690 International trade
  • ECC4700 Competition, regulation and policy
  • ECC4710 Post-Keynesian economics
  • ECC4720 Law and economics
  • ECC4750 Financial economics
  • ECC4790 Project evaluation
  • ECC4810 Public economics
  • ECC4830 Welfare economics
  • ECC4840 Economics of industry, institution and organisation
  • ECC4850 Mathematical economic theory
  • ECC4870 Health economics
  • ECC4990 Economic evaluation of health services
  • ETC4430 Quantitative economic policy

Students can vary this list subject to the following conditions:

  • a maximum of two units from the departments of Accounting and Finance, Business Law and Taxation, or Econometrics and Business Statistics. One of these units can be a third-year level unit
  • a maximum of one third-year level unit from the Department of Economics
  • a maximum of one honours unit from another faculty where it is complementary to the honours program offered by the Department of Economics.

Students must have their enrolment approved by the head, or nominee of the Department of Economics.

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Relevant Courses

  • 0181 Honours degree of Bachelor of Commerce
  • 0024 Honours degree of Bachelor of Economics