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Monash University Handbook 2010 Postgraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Education

Managing facultyEducation
Abbreviated titleMAppLingLangTeachers
CRICOS code041554D
Total credit points required72
Standard duration of study (years)1.5 years FT, 3 years PT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Clayton)
Multi-modal (Clayton)
Contact details

Telephone +61 3 9905 2888 or email

Course coordinator

Dr Margaret Gearon


This course, taught in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts, seeks to further students' understanding of applied linguistics, especially as it relates to second and foreign language acquisition and language teaching. It also aims to develop students' skills in critical reading in applied linguistics and the ability to design a research project.


This program is designed to extend participants knowledge and skills of educational research by helping them come to better understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of pedagogy. The program draws attention to teaching and learning in ways that are intended to foster a reflective stance toward the development of professional knowledge about teaching. Involvement in the program will aid participants in coming to a better understanding of what is involved in the development of knowledge of practice and its application to theory and practice through educational research.

Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that students will have:

  • engaged in teaching second or foreign language informed by theory and research into language acquisition and language teaching
  • integrated academic studies of applied linguistics in action-oriented or other research
  • acquired deeper understandings of classroom practice and student learning
  • developed ability to perform and assess quantitative and qualitative research methods in applied linguistic studies
  • fostered, explored and examined the nature of professional learning
  • focussed serious attention on the professional knowledge of practice
  • developed a deeper understanding of evidence based practice
  • developed scholarly writing skills and established criteria for 'best practice' in language teaching.

Credit for prior studies

Credit for prior studies may be granted for appropriate studies in applied linguistics or applied Japanese linguistics, or equivalent. All decisions on the extent of credit for prior studies will be at the discretion of the course adviser.

Professional recognition

Note: This course does not qualify graduates to teach in Australian schools.


Two streams are available. Students must select either stream A or stream B (see below). Each stream consists of three core 12-point units, including one research methodology unit. In addition to these three core units, students will choose one of the following options:

(i.) three 12-point elective units from arts or education

(ii.) two 12-point elective units from arts or education plus a 12-point research project* from arts

(iii.) one 12-point elective unit from arts or education and a 24-point thesis* from education or dissertation* from arts.

Students may also undertake other electives which are relevant to the course with the approval of the course adviser.

Core and elective units are offered by both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education. Although students will generally select three units from both the faculties of Arts and Education, a minimum of two units should be selected from each faculty.

* The research alternatives above must be approved by the course adviser.


Stream A: Teaching Asian languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian or other)

Core units

Students must choose three of the following:

  • ALM4250/ALM5250 Second language acquisition
  • JAL4530/JAL5530 Teaching and learning Asian languages
  • JAL4610/JAL5610 Research methodology for applied linguistics
  • an appropriate 12-point research unit to be selected from the faculty suite of research methodology units listed below (taken on advice from the course coordinator or supervisor)

Stream B: Teaching English as a second/foreign language

Core units

Students must choose three of the following:

  • ALM4250/ALM5250 Second language acquisition
  • EDF6233 Theory and practice of TESOL
  • EDF6234 Curriculum design and evaluation in languages education, or an appropriate 12-point research unit to be selected from the faculty suite of research methodology units (taken on advice from the course coordinator or supervisor)
  • JAL4610/JAL5610 Research methodology for applied linguistics

Both streams

Elective units

  • ALM5460 Special topic in applied linguistics
  • EDF6010/EDF6020 Professional project
  • EDF6232 Professional practice for teachers of English as a foreign language
  • EDF6234 Curriculum design and evaluation in languages education
  • EDF6236 Language, society and cultural difference
  • EDF6238 Advanced practicum in language teaching: TESOL
  • EIL4404 Issues in teaching English as an international language
  • JAL4130/JAL5130 Japanese sociolinguistics
  • JAL4140/JAL5140 Asian languages in contact
  • JAL4590/JAL5590 Japanese linguistics

Research electives

A research methodology unit is a prerequisite for the following. Select one of:

* Offered by the Faculty of Arts.

** For students who are interested in later applying for doctoral studies in education.

Research methodology units

  • EDF6005 Reading, interpreting and communicating research (12 points)
  • EDF6006 Introduction to quantitative research methods (12 points)
  • EDF6007 Qualitative approaches to research (12 points)
  • EDF6008 Working with theory in research (12 points)
  • EDF6009 Special topic in research (12 points)
  • EDF6012 Specific focus in research A (6 points)
  • EDF6013 Specific focus in research B (6 points)

Off-campus elective units (for Australian domestic students only)

  • ALM5230 Bilingualism
  • ALM5350 English in South East Asia and the Pacific

Alternative exit(s)

If students do not meet the minimum pass grade requirement, they may exit from the course after a minimum of one-year (or part-time equivalent) with a Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers.


Master in Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers