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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010 Postgraduate - Area of Study

Managing facultyFaculty of Information Technology
Offered byCaulfield School of Information Technology


Intelligent systems are integral to the smart use of information technology. Intelligent systems technologies include expert systems, agent architectures, distributed artificial intelligent systems, knowledge discovery and data mining, machine learning, simulation, natural models of computation and optimisation and problem solving.

This specialisation provides the knowledge and skills to work as an AI programmer, knowledge engineer, senior designer or consultant. In addition to learning detailed techniques, a foundational understanding of intelligent systems methodologies, their limits and their contrasting capabilities is acquired.


For the schedule of units required to complete a given course in this area of study, refer to the Handbook entry for the relevant course.

Relevant Courses

  • 2411 Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • 2402 Masters of Information Technology
  • 3348 Masters of Information Technology Professional
  • 3309 Masters of Applied Information Technology
  • 3349 Masters of Information Technology (Honours)