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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010 Postgraduate - Area of Study

Managing facultyFaculty of Information Technology
Offered byCaulfield School of Information Technology


Distributed and mobile computing systems have evolved into a solid and widely recognized platform for building applications which are in high demand by industry, government and commerce. Skill sets that include knowledge of this area will be in even more demand in the future, given the growth in internet and web-based systems. The distributed and mobile systems specialisation covers areas in enabling technologies such as wireless and mobile networks, parallel computing infrastructure, computational grids, software agent technology as well as the developmental areas of fault tolerant systems, distributed programming paradigms and related technologies.


For the schedule of units required to complete a given course in this area of study, refer to the Handbook entry for the relevant course.

Relevant Courses

  • 2411 Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • 2402 Masters of Information Technology
  • 3348 Masters of Information Technology Professional
  • 3309 Masters of Applied Information Technology
  • 3349 Masters of Information Technology (Honours)