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Design in film ( 6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL)


Leader: Gene Bawden

Caulfield First semester 2006 (Day)
Caulfield Second semester 2006 (Day)

Synopsis: Design in film is an elective unit involving close visual analysis of selected feature films. The unit focuses on design as part of the visual language of film. While embracing theoretical concerns the primary emphasis is on the design component of the film and the unit is therefore particularly suited to Art and Design students. Assignments 1 and 2 will involve close analysis of films as complete works, but more particularly the structure of key sequences and the role of design in these sequences.Assignment 3 will involve a study of the design contribution of one of the following areas of film expertise (cinematographer, production designer, costume designer, or film titles designer).

Objectives: On successful completion of this unit, students will: able to apply aspects of film language to enable them to work more effectively within their major art and design discipline; 2.have developed their ability to critically discuss theoretical and technical issues related to the expression and communication of design ideas through the medium of film; 3.have gained a sound knowledge of film culture and process; 4.have gained a basic knowledge of recent critical theory related to film culture; 5.have developed an understanding of film narrative and be capable of analysing their conceptual technical features.

Assessment: Three assigned written/visual projects totaling 100%

Contact Hours: 12 hours per week, including 4 lecture and tutorial hours and 8 hours of independent study

Prerequisites: 48 points of level on units and OHS1000

Prohibitions: VCO2901