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Collage, montage and assemblage B ( 6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL)



Not offered in 2006.

Synopsis: This unit offers students the opportunity to analyse and create constructed drawings at an advanced level. Practical studio instruction and the setting of projects is directed towards the development of student's conceptual and expressive skills. Emphasis is placed on innovation, invention and the creative exploitation of a diversity of materials including those new to art practice.

Objectives: On successful completion of this unit, students will: 1.further develop their working knowledge of a variety and range of collage and assemblage materials, processes and techniques; 2.have the ability to make informed and discerning aesthetic decisions about their imagery; able to complete a self initiated collage/assemblage project; 4.have the capacity to study in depth the work of an artist who has used collage or assemblage processes; 5.possess an appreciation of the processes of collage and assemblage construction both as a way of informing personal interpretation and as a complement to other areas of studio activity.

Assessment: By folio 100%. Initial project or work-in-progress is assessed in the first part of the semester and contributes a weighting of no less than 20% to the final assessment.

Contact Hours: 12 hours per week including 3 studio hours and 9 independent hours

Prerequisites: DWG2502