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Clinical studies 3 (4 points)


Leader: Associate Professor Marilyn Baird

Clayton First semester 2004 (OCL)

Synopsis: Detailed study in the treatment and simulation approaches used in treatment of skin cancer, bony and brain metastases and cancer of the bladder and rectum. Student assumes the role of advanced beginner in relation to examinations covered in the unit. Facilitates direct student performance in treatment or simulation of a patient who; has a palliative intent using a single field, is receiving a single electron field, is being treated with parallel-opposed fields, and a patient in which up to 4 fields are used or where MLCs or shielding is required. Finally, addresses medical management of cancer and the role of the radiation therapist in relation to management of treatment side effects.

Assessment: Reflective case notes: 20% + Practical skills assessment: 35% + Dose distribution calculation exercises, quality assurance and verification procedures: 15% + Two assignments: 30%

Off-campus attendance requirements: Placement for 5 continuous weeks in a clinical Radiotherapy Department (4 weeks academic credit, 1 week professional credit).

Prerequisites: RTS4020, RTS4021, RTS4022

Corequisites: RTS4023, RTS4024

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