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Radiobiology and dosimetry (6 points)


Leader: Dr Ray Budd

Clayton Summer 2004 (OCL)

Synopsis: Introduction to biological effects of ionizing radiation on cells & tissues and mechanisms repairing sustained biological damage, study of systemic and total body responses to early/late effects of radiation, hereditary effects and effects on the embryo & foetus. Detailed study of principles of radiation protection and possible risks associated with irradiation during diagnostic and therapeutic application from a risk vs benefit perspective. Estimates of risk assessment are evaluated using accepted theories of dose vs response. Finally, study of application and techniques of various radiation therapy treatment schedules that maximise tumour response and minimise effects on normal tissues.

Assessment: Written examination (three hours): 75% + Two assignments: 25%

Prerequisites: RTS4000, RTS4010, RTS4012

Corequisites: RTS4021, RTS4022

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