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Electronic commerce project (12 points)


Leader: TBA

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: Students work in teams on the development of a business applicatin for a client who may be either internal or external to Monash. Project teams will use project planning/management skills, and design and build the business application using appropriate software processes and methodologies. Students will integrate business and technical knowledge in the development process.Requirements are fulfilled by the team producing an identified set of deliverables, usually a project proposal, project plan, a system specification, user documentation and operational software.

Assessment: Team assessment: 60% In order to pass, the team must produce the negotiated software product, all identified deliverables, and perform project management activities to ensure the project is delivered on time. The team will give two seminar presentations, the first describing the planned product and the second demonstrating the product. The final product will be evaluated by two assessors (usually an academic assessor and the industry client). Individual assessment: 40% Individual assessment will be based on a combination of attendance (10%), personal logs with self-evaluation (15%) and peer review (15%). Students are required to maintain a development log with a full record of all their project related activities.

Contact Hours: 4 hours of scheduled class time will be required in a studio. Students are expected to fulfil between 4 and 8 hours per week for semesters 1 and 2, for this campus based work with the project team, and between 8 and 4 hours per week of self-directed work contributing to the project. The total contribution will average at 12 hours per week for the full year.

Prerequisites: Completion of level 2 core units

Corequisites: MMS3601

Prohibitions: ELC3000, GCO3800, CPE3100

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