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Computer systems, networks and operating os (6 points)


Leader: Lindsay Smith/Mark Szota

Berwick First semester 2003 (Day)
Berwick First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit provides the student with an introduction to the hardware and software principles on which modern computer systems are built. The unit will examine the components of a computer system and their history, the storage of data using various number systems (decimal, binary, octal, hex) and it's relationship to the storage of different data formats (characters, pictures, sound). Computer architecture will be presented in terms of the the CPU and Memory, interrupts, inter process communication, locks, semaphores, monitors, process scheduling and memory management. Computer input and output will be examined and the role of the various components of the I/O subsystem.

Assessment: Assignments: Two assignments (40% of total weight) will assess all objectives. Examination: A three-hour final examination designed to test all the subject objectives (60% of total weight).

Contact Hours: The student workload requirement is 12 hours per week for 13 weeks. Students will attend 2 hours of lectures and one 2 hour tutorial/laboratory session per week. Students are expected to spend 8 hours per week on individual study and assignment work, including library and computing laboratory work beyond these normal class hours.

Prerequisites: MMS1402

Corequisites: Nil

Prohibitions: CPE2002, CSE2004, CSE2318, GCO3812

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