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Human computer interaction (6 points)


Leader: Kirsten Ellis

Berwick Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This subject will provide a detailed understanding of the principles and practices of interface design for computer-based multimedia systems. It examines issues in the design of multimedia system interfaces from a number of perspectives. These vary in level from an introduction of the nature of human vision and colour perception through broad psychological issues involved in multimedia systems use. The subject content will be closely integrated with that of IMS2404/MMS2404 Multimedia Studio 2

Assessment: Design and present storyboards for an interface that enables children to bank online (10%) Design and create the interface for an interactive bilingual children's story (20%) Design and create an interactive interface based on a period in art history for distribution via CD/DVD (30%) Exam (40%)

Contact Hours: Teaching will comprise two hours of lectures and two hours of tutorials per week

Prerequisites: MMS1403

Prohibitions: IMS3470

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