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Developing multimedia systems (6 points)


Leader: Grace Rumantir

Berwick Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit will examine the activities integral to the development of a multimedia systems, detailing the techniques of systems analysis and design used in the development process. Students will be involved in a mixture of individual and group-based work which will require application of the theoretical knowledge gained in lectures to a series of practical problems in multimedia systems development. The major focus of this unit will be to give a broad and balanced coverage of the traditional and object-oriented approaches to systems analysis and design.

Assessment: Two group based assignments (40%) Requirements Analysis (20%) Systems Design (20%) Examination (3 hours - 60%) theoretical basis underpinning the activities involved in the development process for multimedia products and systems. Assignment work performed on an individual basis will be used to test the student's skill at performing particular tasks. Group-based assignments will be used to require students to demonstrate their ability to work and communicate effectively within a multi-disciplinary team environment.

Contact Hours: On campus: 2 hours lecture and 2 hours tutorial/laboratory per week, 8 hours of self-directed study, exercises and research.

Prohibitions: CSE1401, GCO1813, IMS1403, IMS2401, MMS2201

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