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Policy analysis (6 points)


Leader: Dr Ken Coghill

Caulfield Second semester 2003 (OCL)
City Second semester 2003 (Evening)
Singapore Second semester 2003 (OCL)
Caulfield Second semester 2004 (OCL)
City Second semester 2004 (Evening)
Singapore Second semester 2004 (OCL)

Synopsis: This unit assists students to understand how the public policy process operates and the role of interest groups in policy development, to be familiar with a range of public policy cases and to be competent in the preparation of case studies. Public policy process theory is discussed in the light of specific cases, and related to a broad range of practitioner experience.

Assessment: Public policy portfolio report (700 words): 20% + Theoretical review (2500 words): 40% + Case study report (2500 words): 40%

Contact Hours: 3-hour class per week

Prerequisites: MGX9230

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