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Medicine 3 (24 points)


Leader: Professor N Thomson and Dr R Young

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Through a 'Community Partnerships' placement, the student develops an awareness of the sector's relevance to the practice of medicine and the socio-economic context of health and illness. In 'Information Management and Health Promotion' the student develops skills in data management and critical appraisal of evidence and knowledge to assist in clinical decision-making. 'Homeostasis: Maintaing the internal environment' enables the student to study the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and haematopoietic systems. 'Clinical Skills' assists the student to develop clinical reasoning and focused history taking based on these major systems. Weekly Patient Centred Learning studies will integrate material presented in all themes. The Rural/urban placement focuses on the development of a perspective of experience of practising medicine in either environment. Through the Selective, the student will develop existing, and/or acquire new interests and skills that lie outside the traditional ambit of 'medical education'.

Assessment: Assessment in MED 2031 and MED 2042 will be both formative and summative. Formative assessment tasks in both Semesters include OSCE's and on-line self-tests. Summative assessment tasks: MED2031 mid semester exam 5% MED2031 end of semester exam 5% MED2042 mid semester exam 5% MED2042 end of semester exam10% MED2042 Student Project 5% Case presentations Year Two Portfolio 20% Year Two Rural Project 5% Year Two Health Promotion 10% Project End of Year OSCE (incl. Vertical 15% Integration assessment component) Vertical Integration Exam (Year 20% One and Two) For MED2031 the end of semester results wil be pass grade only (PGO). For MED2042 the end of semester results will be graded.

Contact Hours: Six 1-hour lectures, 2 hours small group teaching, 4 hours practical or clinical skills, 2 hours PCL teaching, 3 hours community partnership. Three hours will be dedicated to a Selective companent. Students will be expected to spend an average of 28 hours per week in self-directed learning.

Prerequisites: MED1011, MED1022

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