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Medicine 2 (24 points)


Leader: Associate Professor T Luff and Professor R Doherty

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: THEME 1: 'Health Enhancement Program' develops strategies for personal health enhancement and ethical/legal issues relevant to professional responsibility, the doctor-patient relationship and public accountability. THEME 2: 'Population Health' develops an understanding of epidemiology, construction of epidemiological study design, function and interpretation of statistical information and critical appraisal of research publications. THEME 3: 'Neuroscience, musculo-skeletal and behaviour' examines major concepts within the areas of 'Neuroscience', 'The musculo-skeletal system' and 'Behaviour'. THEME 4: 'Clinical Skills' develops comprehensive medical history taking skills and awareness of key ethical issues involved in communication with patients, family members, carers and health professionals. Rural attachment: a week based at a rural centre will focus on developing an understanding of the practice of medicine in a rural context. Electives: time is allocated for students to undertake elective studies within or outside the faculty.

Assessment: Semester assessment tasks 50% + End of semester written and OSCE-style examinations 50%

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