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Practical techniques and statistics in embryology II (12 points)


Leader: To be advised

Clayton 2-30 2003 (Day)
Clayton 2-30 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Students gain skills and experience in the practical techniques of micromanipulation, molecular biology and the analysis of this data. Techniques include preparation of micromanipulation instruments, the handling of sperm after its extraction from ejaculates or testicular biopsies prior to its use in IVF, the performance of ICSI, and the identification of Y-chromosome deletions in the sperm. Also taught will be the importance of molecular biology to the study of genomic imprinting, and to the performance of transgenesis and parthenogenesis, as alternative methods of reproduction, and to the detection of genetic and developmental abnormalities, using FISH, PCR and stage specific-markers.

Assessment: Demonstration of practical competence in techniques: 100%

Contact Hours: 18 weeks (1.5 days laboratory session each week, 6 hours videos, discussions, technical demonstrations over the semester)

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