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Practical techniques and statistics in embryology I (12 points)


Leader: To be advised

Clayton 1-30 2003 (Day)
Clayton 1-30 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit provides practical and statistical techniques essential for work in a human IVF laboratory. Basic laboratory skills, introductory mammalian embryology, embryo culture procedures, media composition and the measurement of embryo metabolism are presented within the important context of quality control in IVF programs. This also involves the teaching of skills eg handling of the egg and early embryo to ensure the production of good quality IVF embryos and the techniques required for the cryopreservation of these embryos for storage. All these skills are essential components of a successful clinical human IVF program.

Assessment: Demonstration of practical competence in techniques: 100%

Contact Hours: 18 weeks (1.5 days laboratory sessions each week, 3 hours tutorial on laboratory procedures and safety, 9 hours on statistical methods and 12 hours videos, discussions, technical demonstrations over the semester

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