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Industrial bargaining and arbitration 406 (6 points)


Leader: Mercuri

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Federal conciliation, arbitration and bargaining. Case law surrounding the Commonwealth power to settle interstate industrial disputes. Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth) and the reliance on other constitutional heads of power in enacting industrial relations legislation. The work and operation of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission in making awards and approving agreements. The deregulation of labour relations in Australia. Legal issues such as the concept of industrial disputes and the position of non-unionists under awards and agreements. Current issues, such as unfair dismissal, the problems of home-workers, and collective versus individual agreements.

Assessment: Class test (60 minutes plus reading time) or written research assignment subject to lecturer approval (2000 words): 25% + Final examination (2 hours plus 10 minutes reading time): 75%

Contact Hours: Three hours of lectures per week

Corequisites: LAW3200

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